Thursday, 07 February 2013 05:11

Parami Buddhist Association

The Buddhist Association of D.S.Senanayaka National School which is named "Parami Buddhist Association" was established under the patronage of Reverend Medhavi Thero who was a member of the staff in 2002. A series of annual programs have launched under the instructions of the principal Makkanigoda Assaji Thero, The Wise principal Mrs. W.M.P.G chandrakanthi, Miss W.A.K Wikkramasingha  Mrs M.K.D.S Wirasingha for the improvement  of spiritual development of the students.

Programs scheduled for the year 2012.To hold

  1. To offer the usual Buddha pooja in the morning and follow up religious activities.
  2. To observe Sil on the previous day of every full moon poya day by students from grade 6 to grade 13 in grade wise consecutively.
  3. To hold  "Mapiya sambhawana" program for students every month in grade wise.
  4. The programs that are scheduled in parallel to " Sambuddha jayanthi" 2600 To design vesak cards , to hold programs for students based on the Knowledge of Buddhism, To design and make Vesak lanterns,
  5. To hold programs to help the "helpless" , To hold programs on observing sil and meditation and special sermons by Bhikkus .
  6. To hold poson perahara with the co-operation of neighboring schools, governmental and private organizations and the past pupils Association of the school.
  7. To present “Bathi gee  saraniya" by the aesthetic unit of the school.
  8. To hold  "Pirith chancing " programs to invoke blessings to the students  of  O$L and A$L before the Examination .
  9. To chant pirith before starting the school.
  10. To join " shramadana campaigns " , in neighbouring temples.
  11. To participate at the "pichcha mal pooja" ^ Jasmine flower program Conducted by "shanthi  padanama" at  Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi in every year .
  12. To organize religious programs let by the zonal Education office Minuwangoda.
  13. To encourage selected students to do religious activities through giving them statues of Lord Buddha.
  14. To renovate the shrine room and the adjoining room by the staff, students and the past pupils Association annually.