D.S. Senanayaka Central College

D. S. Senanayake Central College (National) Meerigama is with a huge history of sixty two years. The first Priminister D.S.Senanayake and  Vevaldeniye Medalankara Thero were the founders of this  school . There are classes from grade 6-13 including Science, art  and commerce streams. Meerigama D.S. Senanayake central college is the only national school in Meerigama electorate division.

      Laborataries, Library, computer laborataries are some facilities provided for students in the school. For A/L students about 20 subjects are taught. This school is rich with enough land and enough physical and  human resoutces. Meerigama D.S. Senanayake Central college is a place of  wisdom for Meerigama area.    

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